FTFY is an I.T. start-up based in Hobart, Tasmania; offering a broad range of consulting, development, and operational services to build information systems which work reliably, efficiently, and affordably.

We work hard to understand your needs, design an appropriate solution, and implement it to the highest standards, so we can proudly stand by our work.

Our expertise spans the full gamut from desktop support and software training, to software and network engineering for high-throughput sensor data analysis and service-oriented web architectures - big jobs and small.


You run business IT services from your office or warehouse, but you’re worried about reliability. Hard drives fail (it’s what they do best), and when was the last time you tested your backups? You do have backups, right?

We can design and implement reliable, redundant storage systems for your existing processes, safely migrate your systems, schedule automatic backups on-site or off; and proactively monitor the health of your systems and backups.

You want to have a professional Web presence, but don’t know where to start, or have the time to learn? We can get it done over E-mail and web chat; so you can get on with enjoying life.

You feel that the world must have a better solution for project management, team communications, time tracking, customer management, document searching, accounting, invoicing, or anything else that you do? It probably does, and it might suprise you how affordable it is; but where do you even start?

Let us learn about your business, your team, and your needs, and suggest the right solution for your situation.

You have a mid-size or growing business and managing staff logins, E-mail accounts, Web servers, customer forums, is a sporadic drain on your resources; and you don’t know what’s secure, who has Administrator access, or if any of it looks professional and responsive to your customers.

We can set-up, review, audit, or maintain your in-house domain, E-mail, Web, or any other server to industry best-practices and monitor them; reporting statistics and re-evaluating the deployment continuously, periodically, or on-demand.

You have a room or a rack full of computers, and you want to consolidate your workloads into an easy-to-manage cluster with automatic alerting and a Web-based management interface? We can do that too; and you get the ongoing savings of lower power and cooling usage, and a quiter office.

You’re sick of it all, and just want it out of your face? We can colocate (move your servers to a local data center), or migrate data and services to/from shared or dedicated hosting locally, nationally, or around the world with first-class cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, and others.

Talk to us about your situation, then we can make it better.